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From: Adopt A Starving Artist

PITtv team, TSPR presents: Socially Awful Adam

That moment when you make a joke and wonder “was that offensive?”
For Adam, that moment is always.

PITtv team, TSPR presents: Flirting with the Law

"Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. was based on this true story.

PITtv team, TSPR presents: State Farm - Magic Jingle Alibi

Check out everything that State Farm agents can do for you.

Feb 2

PITtv team, TSPR presents: Michele Bachmann: America’s Ex

After their political romance burned hot and fast, America discovers that old flame Michele Bachmann may not be ready to move on…ever.

Jan 3

PITtv team, TSPR presents: The Taste of Coffee.

An improvised short about a man reluctantly sharing his apartment with his live-in girlfriend and the ghost of her last boyfriend.

NEW PITtv team Top Secret Projector Room (TSPR) present, “ABC’s New Winter Show.”

TV’s pretty much out of ideas.

TSPR is Mark Feinsod, Sam Kim, Eva Andersen, Max Clark, Brian Goetz, David Rosen, Meredith Hackman, Chris Luther and Andrea Romano.