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Jan 2



We hope everyone is recovering from their Christmas food comas and their New Year’s Eve hangovers! Here’s the first episode of the year to help you get back into the holiday spirit if you’re already feeling it subside.

In this episode, Mo and Illy meet and greet PITizens and performers at The PIT’s Annual Holiday Party. But this year is particularly special: it was the 10 Year Anniversary! What a way to send out 2012 with a bang and beat the Mayan calendar! Enjoy! 

Catch up with The PITcast!


There have been some technical difficulties with the iTunes version of this podcast, so in the meantime, they’ve been uploading new episodes to YouTube!  They’re back with an all new season and Iliana is joined by two new co-hosts! 

PITCast - Keith Huang 
PITCast - Greg Von Portz


PITCast XTRAS! - A Charlie Brown Apocalypse 
PITCast XTRAS! - Movember 
PITCast XTRAS! - Alex Gallafent - A Night at the Jonesonian

Episode 2.9 - Nate Starkey


Finally, finally Nate Starkey has made it on to The PITcast. He’s come via Colorado, Kansas and The Magical World of Walt Disney, we’re just excited that he’s here!

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Episode 2.6 - Gary DeNoia


Darling, The Enemy and Family Haircut have all benefitted from the sage wisdom of Gary DeNoia and now it’s the PITcast’s turn!The man from the House of Targaryen (who happens to be an expert in napping) joins us for some Improv goodness and teaches Rob and Illy the art of Nicklebacking.

Episode 2.5 - Susan Messing Special


We don’t like to throw the word ‘legend’ around too much, but in this case it doesn’t even do our guest justice. Bob Kulhan asked the questions at a live Q and A with Chicago’s finest. The language is blue, the stories are jaw dropping, the lady is legendary.

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Jul 8

Episode 2.4 - Chris Aurilio


The King of Sketch Comedy joins a hot and sweaty PITcast for a chat about almost everything on Planet Earth, also things that aren’t on Planet Earth like the fictional land of Pandora. In and amongst the James Cameron reviews there’s some comedy knowledge gold from the man who wrote a play about a Bear going to the mall.

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Episode 2.3 - Bradford Jordan


Illy is a fat kid, Rob is a soccer hooligan and Bradford Jordan is just amazing. One half of Swords joins us today for an amazing interview, find out why Bradford is a liar, his business plan for Improv in London and why he isn’t allowed around dogs.

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Jun 7

Episode 2.2 - Jen Curran


Somehow we managed to squeeze in an interview with the effervescent Jen Curran in the middle of her busy schedule. The interview is so damn good it literally leaves Iliana speechless. Of course Intern Of The Week, Facts and all the usual PITcast fun is here.

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Have you checked this out yet?

Season 2 Episode 1 - Dan Hodapp


They’re back! After two months of radio silence Rob and Illy return for Season 2. They’ve got a pretty special guest lined up too, it’s Dan Hodapp. The star of Someday The Cake and The Scene finally makes his PITcast debut at the third time of trying. It’s good to be back!

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The PITcast is back!!!

If you’re with a group of experienced, funny people that gets along well, you may not do perfect shows but you’ll probably do pretty good ones.

- sage improv advice from Scott Eckert during the taping of the The Pit Cast with Iliana & Rob (via natashakotovsky)